【Your Heallo Story】 Circle of Love


I was on the phone,

fighting back the tears.

Ignoring the ache in my heart as I listened to the news.

My mom got the virus.

The virus that killed million people,

Slowly, in a hard way.

The virus that took the breath slowly,

That put people in the distance.

I lived thousands of kilometers away from her,

Should I go home?

Should I stay?

What should I do?

All I want is right at her side, but there's no instant way to do that.

After the call,

I broke into tears.

I'm lost in feelings; all I want to do is to be back home.

A notification pops in.

Something unusual.

A notification from my sister.

Inviting me for a private gathering on Heallo.

I click on the screen.

There's my dad in blue,

Mom in red,

And sisters in yellow and purple,

And I join, in pink.

We surround each other,

Putting mom in the centre.

As the circle starts breathing,

So do I; I start to calm.

The circle starts breathing, a conduit for me to begin to pray.

Pray and rely on every feeling.

For a moment,

I feel connected,

I don't feel alone.

I feel I'm beside my mom, giving my energy for her to fight the virus.

A Heallo a day, keeps the loneliness away.


Written with love by Alwine Brahmana, based on her true story

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