【Public Gathering】Dr. Ruth, a Covid front-liner

It's been two years since we lived intensely with pandemic protocols, and until now, there has been no sign that threat to our safety would end. There are many moments and feelings over our two years of living side by side with the COVID-19 virus. We’ve felt grief for our loved ones, gratitude for our relatives' recovery from the disease, and anxiety about whether to accept vaccines.

Our feelings are shared by Ruth Anggayasti, known as Dr. Ruth, a health front-liner from Indonesia. 

dr ruth 2.jpeg

At the start of the pandemic, Dr. Ruth said there was uncertainty due to limited information regarding COVID-19. Dr. Ruth and his fellow front-liners have to be on guard at the athlete's hospital owned by the Indonesian government eight hours a day without the chance to drink, eat, or go to the bathroom. This happened because of the difficulty and scarcity of hazmat suits. 

Despite all the discomfort Dr. Ruth has experienced, she said the worst feelings come when there are patients who cannot pay for the facilities and medications; healthcare workers give their best so that each patient can recover.

“Sometimes we have to see the tears in the patient's family because they have no money to finance the medication, and it's killing us to know how somebody’s life depends on money. That's why some of the other doctors are willing to give their own money to help the patient’s healing process,” said Dr. Ruth.

She explained that she is responsible for three floors in the hospital on each shift, with each floor having approximately 50 patients. In total, each shift Dr. Ruth is responsible for 150 patients' lives. Not infrequently, she has to work hard for two whole weeks and two weeks of self-isolation to not become a carrier of the virus to those around her.

"Sometimes in my shift, I saw a group of families that were affected by the virus, and they took care of each other, and seeing that it reminds me of my own family,” she said. “It's been a while since I saw them, and when I have two weeks off, I am afraid to bring the virus when I meet them in person, so when it's my off shift, I take it as self-isolation so that I won't affect anyone around me." 

Dr. Ruth is not a machine that spends all her time working. She has a family she loves. But, by committing to be a front liner in the COVID-19 pandemic, she accepts the consequences of not seeing his family for an undetermined time. But, for humanity, she is willing to sacrifice herself to help people affected by the virus. 

There is nothing to repay the kindness of the front-liners who put humanity before themselves. Let’s connect our emotions with all the front-liners who are battling the virus and also the emotions that they feel. Let’s be there and support them.

In Heallo, we can gather in a public gathering and join the "Health Workers" to show our gratitude, support, towards the front-liners. Let’s gather and combine our emotions. 

Let it come, let it go, let our feelings flow.

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