The birth of Heallo

In April 2014, five months before term, Romain and Baldeesh were told that their second child had inherited an extremely rare dysfunctional genetic combination. Chances of survival were minimal. Raphael was born at the end of September, fought to live, and died two days after his birth.

Throughout this ordeal, the couple learned how hard it was for them and the ones around them to express their feelings.

They discovered the kindness of strangers who offered them unexpected support and strength. They wanted nothing in return, only to be there with them.

Romain had a profound revelation.

More than words, what heals and makes you feel good is first and foremost the presence of others. Even remotely, even in silence.

Being generous with the time you give to others.

This revelation first took the form of a dream. In this rich and complex world we live in, there must be a way to show up in support for others at any time.

Then this dream became an idea.

An App.

Showing love, friendship, support, by being present... by simply touching the screen of your smartphone.

Romain was deeply convinced by the power of this emerging link vector. And the idea would not go away. But it took some time to bring it to life.

After 16 years in consulting, Romain shifted his career in 2017 and moved into the digital world.

Finally, in December 2019, he was able to lay the first stones of this crazy project.

In October 2021, after 22 months of work and thousands of hours spent coding, Heallo came to life, available both on Android and iOS.

True to the founding dream, Heallo is the complete solution to quench our thirst for communication and strenghten our connections with others.

A few words from the founder

“ Our world has never been short of challenges, but those which are before us today have the particularity of being global. It’s only by being united by a strong desire to live together as a human species that we can overcome all our differences.

Unfortunately, the Internet tends to ignite our individualism by constantly exacerbating it. Too many so-called social apps inflate our egos, excite our anger, create conflicts and damage our ties. Too many Apps are also there to entertain us and kill time that we could give.

With Heallo, we put human presence and warmth at the center of every communication. The app values our intentions and the gift of our time rather than the ability to create content. The desire to improve the world begins by showing marks of attention and love to those around you, not by putting another post online.

But I know how much courage it takes to reach out to someone. That's why I made Heallo tactile, for us to easily touch the hearts of our friends, to be just one gesture away from changing the world.

Increasing our joy of living together is, more than ever, at the palm of our hands.


Join the movement

Your heart will know when to say Heallo

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