Let's not miss the chance to tell
the people we love... That we love them.

Share your feelings in 30 seconds
with a simple touch

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You two

All of you

All of us

Forget about saying "I should have" or “It's too late”

Heallo is your remedy against all missed opportunities

On Heallo, there is no need to write, talk or create content to tell someone that you care.

A finger placed on your screen is all you need to get in touch.

Your touch shares your presence, and your presence can connect in real time with that of others.

Love, friendship, affection, support, gratitude... whatever you feel, just be present.

Cultivate positive connections

Heallo helps to strengthen your relationships

We all need signs of care to know that we are loved.

Giving and receiving Likes may be fun but we want to be loved for who we are, not for what we post.

What touches our heart is the presence we give, the presence we receive, without any constraint.

With Heallo on your smartphone, transform your time into gifts of true presence to the people you care for.

Take back control of your life

Heallo brings out the best in each of us

Being mindful and generous increases happiness and health for you and those around you.

Expressing feelings is vital for self-realization.

Time passing by gradually creates distance and absence, but you can change this.

Using Heallo brings joy in your life everyday.

Voices from your heart

Healing the world,
one Heallo at a time

We wanted to surround our friends with love. Losing a child is such a tragedy... We couldn't visit them every day, so we gathered on Heallo. They felt our positive energy. There was so much healing. There is really nothing like it.

Nicholas - 45 years old

My friend is sick and it's hard to find words to express what I am feeling. By contacting her with Heallo, I was able to express everything in silence and convey my love and positive thoughts. I felt my heart beating faster. It was incredibly intense.

Alice - 33 years old

I love my grandparents, they mean a lot to me. I call them often but I also contact them through Heallo. It feels really good to show them how much I care about them. Having no content to create makes it easy.

Adrien - 25 years old

I feel gratitude for what life has given me and keeps on giving me everyday. Heallo is my place to show this gratitude and I love being with thousands of other users at the same time. It's now part of my daily routine. It fills me with joy.

Dorotea - 57 years old
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Join the movement

Your heart will know when to say Heallo

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