Frequently Asked Questions 

Why this minimum of 30 seconds per Heallo?

Heallo is an App designed to (re)connect with others. We ask for a gift of 30 seconds per person for a Heallo of two people to reproduce the universal force of one minute of silence. Beyond the symbol, it is enough time to fill each of our Heallos with meaning and presence.

Why is it free?

We want Heallo to be available to everyone.

How do you finance yourself?

Heallo is completely self-financed. No big corporation is behind us and we intend to stay independent. If you love the app, want to support it and help it grow, select one of our three subscriptions.

What subscriptions do you recommend?

We offer three different monthly plans for subscribers to enjoy six, 12 or 18 new unique colours for their circle. It’s a way to have more choices to represent yourself on the App and also to show to others that you are happy to support us. You can all take full advantage of Heallo without being a subscriber. However, we hope you enjoy this app enough to support the Heallo mission and thus contribute to our development.

How did Heallo get started?

To find out more information, click "About us" on the top Menu bar and then select "Heallo Story".

Why the name "Heallo"?

The purpose of the App is to bond with others and find healing everytime we reach to say hello to the people we love. So combining "to heal" and "hello" gave birth to the word Heallo. It's both the company name, the brand name and, most importantly, the name of each action of communication through the App.

Is it based on any religion?

No, Heallo is designed for all humans regardless of their faith. As long as you have feelings and care to express them, Heallo is yours.

Can I use Heallo for praying or doing meditation?

There is a multi-purpose place on Heallo called "My Space." In that space, if you are religious, feel free to pray. If you like meditation, feel free to use it to help you meditate. You can use it to love yourself, to calm down, to think of someone you've lost: it's up to you. Like any Heallo, you have to keep a finger on your screen for a minimum of 30 seconds to complete what you do.

Who is behind this App?

We are a team from all different parts of the world. We just planted the first seed. We want Heallo to grow and be co-created by its community of users. Heallo is a movement.

What personal data are requested?

Each Heallo account is linked to a specific mobile phone number so that your contacts can recognize you and you can see if they have Heallo. We ask for your name, surname and your mobile phone number. Profile picture and birthday are optional. Sharing your contact book is optional too: it's necessary to say Heallo to someone in your contact book but not necessary to enjoy Public Gatherings.

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