Gathering people around your charity doesn't have to be tedious. 
Raising funds either. 

Gather people, donations and the best of humankind at once with digital fundraising 


Your community lives a memorable experience 

Give your supporters a unique sense of solidarity and connection

Create the space for a strong collective emotion

Minimize the carbon footprint of your fundraising events


Your charity gains awareness 

Invite celebrities to support your gatherings

Use the beautiful drawings given by your supporters to upgrade your brand content

Broaden your community base with free, remote, easy-to-reach events


You collect money in a modern and gentle way 

You get the opportunity to diversify your channels of acquisition

Your ambassadors can auction their signature and amplify your message even when a gathering is over

You become more efficient and ready to face the digital stakes of our fast changing world

Bring together people 
who support your charity in 3 steps 

Create your page 

Create your event 

Gather your community 

Your first heartwarming reactions 

Stéphane Beaumont - Movember France

With Heallo, we will open a digital space where everyone is invited to gather their positive energy in support of mental health. This concept is really very innovative.

Quentin Durand - Karuna - Shechen

Thank you very much for this beautiful project that you carry. It echoes our advocacy work on altruism and in particular the neuroscience studies in which Matthieu Ricard has participated.

Fanny Benedetti - UN Women France

Congratulations for such a beautiful and creative application!

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