Welcome to Heallo

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Say Heallo

Make your presence a present

Choose your circle of colour

It's the way we all look on Heallo. We kept it simple and beautiful. Select one at onboarding, change it at will.

Give 30 seconds of positive energy

Once you start saying Heallo, keep a finger in touch with your screen for that minimum amount of time. When the little blue heart appears on the screen, you can lift your finger at any time to move on to the next step.

Sign the moment

Complete your Heallo by drawing anything you want with different colours and pencils. Or choose among different badges if you lack inspiration. We just add your name and the date before sending it.

Reach out

Any small gesture goes a long way

Anyone from your address book

If your contact is registered on Heallo, you can enjoy the full experience in real time together. If not, no worries, you can say Heallo to the person you want and your signature is sent by SMS.


Give love, support, gratitude, directly to any of your contacts, at anytime. It will be just between the two of you.

Private Gathering

Bring friends and relatives together to give an extra boost of care and support. Do it for anyone, do it for yourself. Every private gathering room stays open for three days. You can invite up to eight people in each of them.

Join forces

Connecting your feelings is in your hands

Public Gathering

Open to all Heallo users, participants connect from all over the world in real time to harvest the strength of togetherness. You can gather at anytime and it's always anonymous.

Focus your energy with others

Peace, wildlife, our planet... give your positive thoughts to a cause that you want to improve, or simply because you feel grateful or want to show respect.

Spread the love

Invite friends to join the movement. Together, we can make the world a better place, one Heallo at a time.

Join the movement

Your heart will know when to say Heallo

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